Tank Tail

Tank Tail - Nettel Baits Deluxe Edition Lures

Strengthened Cury Tail Soft Lures

Nettel Baits is proud to present the "Tank Tail" (TT or TTI) which is a strong armature net structure inside the curly tail of the lure which makes it more durable with a longer lasting life time. The fabrics are carefully molded into the body and tail to make them last longer as fish strikes and reap the lures. A Nettel Bait lure with Tank Tail (TT) will be able to catch more fish until it is expended. Of course the lures still has the same superb motion with its tail, because the armature is flexible and smooth. I came up with this idea as I grew tired of the pikes destroying my soft lures (as with rubber lures in general).


Below is the official presentation of Tank Tail.

My apoligies that it is only written in Swedish so far.